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1st Full Album "Journey" - REO MATSUMOTO

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※Japanese Translate is the following 1st full HandPan Chill out album of REO MATSUMOTO. the instruments is combine with HandPan, Vocal Beats, Bass, Didgeridoo and Synthsizer that makes you a deep chill out mood, meditation for sleep, for Yoga, for morning to twilight, and for every kind of situation will fit. some of the songs from alum is using by National Geographic. hope you enjoying a quality life time with this album! HandPan, Vocal Beats, Synthsizer, Bassで作られたREO MATSUMOTO初のフルチルアウトアルバム。 National Geographicの音源で使用され、日々の空間を彩り豊かに演出する確かな一枚。 ハンドパンがもたらす上品な音色とオーガニックなビート、シンセサイザーによるアーバンな音楽をお楽しみ頂けます!

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